Teams & Beyond
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Teams & Beyond

The crucial importance of teams and teaming is rapidly gaining ground in business around the world. Team coaching is being recognized as a distinct field of coaching, and team coaches are in demand. OD and HR professionals find themselves working as much with teams as with their leaders. Leaders are expected to be able to coach and develop their teams.

Metaco trains and supervises professional external and internal team coaches and OD/HR consultants as well as business leaders who share our passion for developing high value-creating teams and organizations. However, our clients are finding that yesterday's expertise, knowledge and skills are no longer entirely relevant in today's world – let alone fit for tomorrow's shifting landscape. 'Tried and tested solutions' don't work like they once did, and new thinking and approaches are needed.

This presents a significant challenge to all those tasked with helping teams and organizations make the necessary changes to shift successfully into their future. This is why Teams & Beyond was created.

Teams & Beyond brings you a wide range of perspectives, approaches, models and contexts that, as someone with an interest in building a capability for helping teams become sustainably value-creating, is an invaluable resource. It challenges thinking with a variety of new ideas, enables learning from the experience of others and participation in co-creative new thinking with some of the best minds in the world. All this in a way that is convenient, practical and manageable for even the busiest professionals.

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