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Systemic Team Leadership

Developing leaders to lead high-performing teams which thrive in today's complex and highly networked world


This programme provides a fresh approach to leadership and team development through focusing participants on the systems and stakeholders connected to their teams.

It challenges them to re-imagine the role their teams can play in delivering value to their organisation, its clients and customers. Participants are helped to challenge their thinking 'systemically', examining the influences and connections outside the team as well as within it. These systems include their team's direct reports and sub-teams, their internal stakeholders, customers, shareholders and beyond to the political, environmental, economic and technical issues which influence their success - whether they realise it or not.

Participants are then encouraged to take their learning back to their teams and coach them through the activities needed to be a truly high-performing team.

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Systemic Team Leadership for Directors & Executives

Systemic Team Leadership for Managers

Systemic Team Leadership for SME's & Entrepreneurs

The programme caters for different leadership levels:

  • For Board & Exco Members
  • For Senior and Middle Managers
  • For Entrepreneurs and SME's

Separate workshops are held for each level to enable coherent peer relationships

Outcomes include:

  • An understanding of the Hawkins' Five Disciplines model and its application to teams
  • An understanding of systemic thinking and how to apply the key principles to teamwork
  • Knowledge of tools and models for leading teams to explore their challenges and opportunities
  • Knowledge of your stakeholders' views about your team, its role, purpose and working practices (through the Team Connect 360 survey)
  • Greater awareness of your team's strengths and development areas
  • Development of a plan to engage your team in addressing the issues it needs to perform to its full potential

Due to Covid-19 concerns, we are currently only providing these courses in-house for up to 20 participants

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