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Systemic Team Coaching
Master Practitioner Diploma

Now, more than ever, organisations are aiming to encourage the best performance from their teams and enable them to respond effectively to unprecedented change and uncertainty. Systemic Team Coaching® provides a richer, more sustainable transformation than other forms of team or group development


Systemic Team Coaching

A process of coaching the whole team together and apart over a designated period of time to:

  • Collaborate and learn across diversity
  • Develop collective leadership
  • Align on common purpose
  • Achieve performance objectives
  • Effectively engage with their key stakeholder groups
  • Jointly transform the wider business

Our model has a rigorous systemic approach that focuses on six levels. Teams are able to harness and expand their power in their organisational system by ensuring they interface effectively with all of these systems in relationship with each other.

6 Lenses

This Post-Graduate Diploma Level programme is for experienced coaches who want to develop and expand their team coaching competence and practice, as well as experienced OD consultants and HR Business Partners with coaching skills, and executive/senior managers with extensive experience in leading teams. The Master Practitioner Diploma will build on your substantial existing knowledge and experience of developing people. Through the programme you will gain more confidence and experience in working resourcefully with systemic complexity, as you engage with different types and levels of teams in various contexts and environments.

With this programme you will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the theory and methodology of Systemic Team Coaching®
  • Create your own model of Systemic Team Coaching® based on the Systemic Team Coaching® approach, and also your own marketing statement
  • Develop the skills to practice as an accomplished Systemic Team Coach®
  • Gain deep personal understanding of yourself in your roles as a team member and team coach, and clarity about how to further build your expertise in this professional field
  • Become licensed to deliver the Team Connect 360 - our unique online team diagnostic tool


An experienced individual coach with at least 4 years' practice having completed either a training equivalent to ACC (ICF) Practitioner Level (EMCC)
A consultant with a 10-year career in Organisational Development or as an HR Business Partner, with extensive coaching experience. You should be able to explain your theoretical framework for coaching individuals and be capable of evidencing your coaching competency at Practitioner level
A Senior/Executive Manager with at least 10 years personal experience of team leadership and people development

The Systemic Team Coaching® Master Practitioner Diploma involves 121 hours of coach training that can be used towards a PCC accreditation with the International Coach Federation

Through working with this team coaching model, and integrating it into the way I had been working for years, my own team coaching model emerged. It was a huge learning experience to take on a team coaching assignment in an external organisation. There is an enormous amount of freedom in this programme to try out new ways of facilitating learning with your client teams, while at the same time implementing a systemic team process to satisfy your organisational client's needs. The programme enormously enhanced my own individual executive coaching as well as my work as a team coach.

Dr Sunny Stout-Rostron
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