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Internal Coach Training

Successful change initiatives almost always start by changing the nature, number and subject matter of both formal and informal conversations. Internal coaching is recognised as a key contributing factor to successful organizational change. Typically external coaches will work at senior leadership level, and developing a pool of internal coaches is a viable and cost-effective way of extending coaching to the middle management level.


Internal coaches come at a significantly lower cost than external coaches and are more easily available and managed by the organisation. Generally they are sourced from within the organization from a mixture of managers and HR specialists who have a passion for developing people. They are normally high performing team members who are successful in their own right, and who commit to spending a percentage of their time coaching in addition to their other duties. Depending on the need, some organizations develop full time internal coaches.

Internal coaches provide consistency in approach in developing and retaining junior to middle management. In addition to formally organised coaching sessions, they may be available for informal coaching conversations where the need arises. They have an intimate knowledge of the culture, history and politics of the organisation, and can ensure that the corporate vision, mission and values are routinely incorporated into coaching programmes.

Internal coaches are ideally placed to act as change agents in developing a coaching culture at all levels. They can quickly identify and address needs for improved alignment within a specific management chain, and can provide quicker, more efficient integration and system-level interventions. Internal coaches are also uniquely equipped to help organisations work across organisational lines and break down silos.

Apart from the benefits to others in the organization, the skills acquired through their training make your internal coaches highly effective leaders to their own teams.

Organisations can achieve more leverage in transitioning to a coaching culture by developing their own pool of internal coaches than through any other activity or investment.

  • The programme is run on demand as an in-house programme
  • It takes approximately 4-6 months during which 9 days are classroom modules of 3 days at a time, with experiential work and activities between modules.

  • Usually internal coaches are required to commit 10-15% of their time to coaching others within the organization. This should be included in Performance Management measures
  • Internal coaches usually work with colleagues at peer level and below in different departments, and with contractors
  • The training provides a good level of knowledge and competence as is required for coaching within an organisation. However it is not considered a professional coaching qualification, for which additional training and experiential hours are required
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