Inter-Team Coaching
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Inter-Team Coaching

There is a growing recognition that the traditional hierarchical, command and control organizational framework that has dominated management thinking in the last 100 years are no longer effective. These structures were designed for efficiency in response to 19th and 20th century challenges, and no longer work in 21st century environments ...


In today's world the business of a successful large corporate organization can be disrupted in a flash by an innovative fast-moving garage start-up or have change forced upon it almost overnight by the groundswell of an activism organisation, networked through social media.

We have to unlearn a great deal of what we thought we knew about leadership and how the world works and find ways to adapt fast enough to the hyper-changing, digitally networked, interdependent and complex world we have now created. To survive large organizations need to find ways to become as innovative, adaptable and resilient as the small organizations that are constantly rising to threaten the status quo.

Organizational culture needs updating with its core assumptions and fundamental principles of organizational design. To be successful in tomorrow's world, organizations need to be built on highly flexible, empowered and motivated teams. However, even this is not enough.

Systemic Inter-Team Coaching takes the next step in enabling organizations to create a collaborative, fast learning, adaptive team-based culture. A culture where there is not only generative collaboration within each team, but also between the various teams, both vertically and horizontally across the organization, enabling the organization to continually co-create and develop an effective strategy that is owned, engages, and is quickly executed by all parts of the organization.

This requires an eco-systemic Team of Team Coaches, specifically trained to work within and across and multiple teams, not just coaching the parts, but enabling the connections. They have to be well versed in culture change, design thinking and new approaches to organizational design. For organizational learning at this level to have real impact it needs to be liberated from traditional training and learning and development functions and be linked into the central strategy and organisational development processes of the whole organizational system.

With the only team of Master Systemic Team Coaches in South Africa, Metaco uniquely has the requisite expertise and experience to deliver the complex and multi-faceted Systemic Inter-Team coaching that will transform the different teams in your organization into one aligned Team of Teams.

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