Systemic Team Leadership
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Systemic Team Leadership

Systemic Team Leadership for Directors & Executives

Systemic Team Leadership for Managers

Systemic Team Leadership for SME's & Entrepreneurs

What used to work is now obsolete. Old leadership paradigms are extinct.

We have created a world of such complexity, global inter-dependence, of continuous and fast-moving change, that leadership is beyond the scope of the individual, no matter how talented. A siloed approach to leadership in a systemically connected world, no longer works.


Success today requires that your leadership teams - at the top certainly and cascading down to the next levels of the organization, to raise their collective capacity to lead together in order to perform consistently at higher than the sum of their parts.

In today's world, the journey to being a high-performing leadership team cannot be achieved just by personal coaching or the occasional facilitated team workshop; in a constantly shifting landscape with more unknowns than knowns, your leadership teams will benefit from sustained systemically-focused team coaching.

This can come from a trained Systemic Team Coach (external or internal). But external coaching particularly tends to be expensive, and in a challenging economy it may be difficult to find the funds for ongoing Systemic Team Coaching.

A more sustainable option is to enable a self-sustaining Systemic Team Leadership approach across your organization. We'll train your leaders in the mindset, skills and behaviours of Systemic Team Leaders who develop and empower their own high-performing teams, enable strong relationships and shared accountability, and deliver value across their whole stakeholder networks.

A Systemic Team Leader could be the Chairperson working with the Board; or the CEO working with the EXCO Team. They can also be the Senior Managers leading your operational functions.

Leadership is becoming less and less about being the smartest person in the room, and more about how we collaborate, work with diverse stakeholders, inspire and bring out the best in others. It's about developing our ability to be curious; our ability to explore new approaches, new perspectives, engage different stakeholders and viewpoints, and to appreciate diverse perspectives."

Prof. Peter Hawkins, Professor of Leadership, Henley Business School

Adapted from the internationally accredited Systemic Team Coaching® Certificate Programme, Systemic Team Leadership provides a fresh approach to leadership and team development through focusing participants on the systems and stakeholders connected to their teams. It challenges them to re-imagine the role their teams can play in delivering value to their organisation, its clients and customers.

Systemic Team Leadership options are designed to suit your context and budget. We run Open Programmes where your leadership is introduced to the principles of Systemic Team Leadership in a two-day workshop, learning with and from leaders at a similar level in other organisations.

Or we can run Systemic Team Leadership inhouse for your company, especially for your own leaders. These work best when leaders of a similar level are learning together, and options can range from a cost-effective two-day introductory workshop through to a 6-month fully supported integration programme, with a number of variations in between. It all depends on your context.

Systemic Team Leadership is transformational action-oriented experiential learning, enabling immediate application - and important results.

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