Systemic Team Coaching
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Systemic Team Coaching

Leadership has never been more complex than it is today. Today's world demands of them to do more, in less time, at higher quality, more profitably, more sustainably, with less resources. Adapt swiftly with agility and resilience as the speed of change increases. Innovate, disrupt, be future-fit, be a game-changer whilst managing the changing, often conflicting, demands from their wide range of stakeholders ...


The future is bigger and more challenging than any of us can grasp or address, alone or in groups. It requires new human levels of empathy, systemic thinking, collaboration and teamwork. Leadership teams have an enormous responsibility, for they can act as an accelerator, brake or even derailer of change and adaptation in their organization and its wider ecosystem.

The greatest importance of Systemic Team Coaching® to companies today is that it enables already successful teams to step up and deliver increasingly greater value and impact.

Using a future-back, outside-in lens, as much emphasis is placed on how the team leads change with their stakeholders as to how the team functions internally. The ways in which the team relates to and serves its business environment are reframed and enhanced.

Systemic Team Coaching enables teams to:

  • Align to a common purpose and represent the whole team when engaging with stakeholders at various levels
  • Cooperate and learn across a diversity of thinking, styles and skills
  • Develop collective leadership that operates at more than the sum of the parts
  • Achieve defined individual and collective performance objectives
  • Jointly transform the wider business
  • Take shared accountability for strategic outcomes
  • Effectively engage and align with their key stakeholder groups

We use the term "systemic' to refer to the multi-layered perspective that enables us to see a fuller and more complex picture of the team in its context. As experienced professional Systemic Team Coaches, we are trained to see the interconnections forming patterns, shapes and influences.

A Systemic Team Coach® adopts a multi-layered perspective in order to see a fuller and more composite picture of the team in its context. Recognizing patterns, shapes and influences, they enable sustained change by coaching teams across the inter-connectivity of their nested systemic levels.

A 21st Century Response

Initially developed by Professor Peter Hawkins, Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School, Systemic Team Coaching® is a dynamically changing approach which draws on the ever-growing experience of a worldwide partnership. Systemic Team Coaching® fills a critical need for a new breed of coaching professionals who can work flexibly in the midst of enormous complexity.

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