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First Time Leaders

1st Time Leader

Too often people are appointed to leadership roles, because they've succeeded in a previous position, but that doesn't mean they necessarily have the skills to deliver in a leadership role. In response to this challenge and with a strong Systemic approach, Metaco has developed a first-time leader's development programme to assist first-time leaders to transition from specialist to supervisory positions ...

The programme will be based on specific themes in support of key objectives in relation to the roles the leaders fulfil derived from:

  • role profiles and/or competency profiles
  • a needs analysis to address those areas that are cause for concern
  • areas that the target group members do not feel confident to deal with

Guiding Principles

Systemic Approach: In addition to the individuals in focus, attention to the systems above (their managers) and the systems below (their teams) are required to ensure sustainable change.

Natural teams and relationships: Related to the above, existing relationships should inform how the program is set up. Examples are to utilise sponsors (their managers) to monitor progress and provide learning support as mentors/coaches.

Context Specific: Company related content such as company-specific policies and procedures should be utilised. Content should also align with existing role profiles. Identified challenges and opportunities should furthermore inform priorities in the process. This implies that the program format and content might be adjusted as the process continues.

Integrated Processes: This intervention should not be seen in isolation. Developmental activities that came before and that can/will follow should be taken into account.

Internal Resourcing: Internal experts should be utilised rather than external resources. When applicable this might imply the building of capacity should the process be adopted as part of the company's developmental approach.

Experiential Learning: Learning should be in the moment and applied. The focus of this training should be on experience and application and not on theory.

Learning Support: To make the most of this initiative, participants should be supported in their developmental journeys. This support can be in natural groupings (managers, peers, internal experts), by external resources (coaches) and could even include external support systems (families etc.).

This programme is right for your team if:

  • You have a pool of new leaders you would like to see equipped with the necessary skills in order to fulfil their potential as leaders
  • You want to see your leaders succeed in their roles
  • You would like to tailor the project to your organisation

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