Individual Coaching
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Executive Coaching

In a relentlessly shifting business context, leaders today are expected to deliver results faster, at higher quality, more sustainably, with declining resources, at lower cost... while managing multi-generational and diverse teams through challenging technological and environmental change, in uncertain economic and political environments ...

Individual Coaching

Not surprisingly, trust in organisations and leadership generally is at an all-time low, and employee engagement continues to decline. Recent studies reveal how the gaps in effective leadership continue to grow exponentially. The mismatch between classroom-based rational-thinking methods of developing individual leaders and what is actually needed in today's world is widening. Increasingly organizations are reviewing the processes through which their leaders are developed.

The prevailing leadership practices of the 20th century which have become so entrenched in leadership development are no longer relevant. 21st century leaders have to be intuitive, dynamic, agile and resilient, emotionally intelligent, self-aware, highly collaborative and co-operative. They have to build trust with all stakeholders at all levels, all the time, and have the capacity to view disturbance as transformational (rather than dysfunctional,) in its wider, systemic context. They need to create an inspiring vision for the future and engage the hearts and minds of their people towards a common purpose.

It's not surprising that increasingly organizations worldwide now consider Executive Coaching to be a primary means for developing and supporting their leaders.

Taking a Systemic Relational approach to 21st century leadership development, Metaco's range of Executive Coaching programmes are a co-creative process for preparing and enabling leaders at all levels to respond effectively to the demands of an ever-changing 21st century world and can be conducted in person, virtually (online) or a combination of the two.

Transformational Executive Coaching

(Executive Directors and Executive Managers)

Transformational Executive Coaching is highly effective for already successful leaders, at senior levels. It focuses on revolutionary change to their purpose, intention, direction and vision and assists executives to develop into inspired, influential and effective leaders. It is transformational in nature because it focuses on the inner "states of being" that generate actions.

This is a tough process which requires discipline, commitment and courage, the willingness to be placed in uncomfortable situations and to confront fear. It is a journey and a process which supports the executive in moving beyond their present concepts, liberating them from limited thinking. When embraced fully, it results in extraordinary personal growth and the expansion of possibility beyond the imagination.

Executive Conversations

(Executive Directors and Board Members)

In an Executive Conversation, a Master Coach takes the role of your strategic thinking partner, providing you with the ideal conditions in which to do your best thinking about issues of importance. Clarity comes through having the time and space to think expansively, and voice all kinds of thoughts. Having a trusted partner to actively listen and pay total attention as you do this, asking just a few carefully targeted questions, is a powerful way to elicit this clarity.

Your strategic thinking partner will reflect with you on your experience, helping create new awareness and fresh perspectives. However the conversation turns out (and conversations often take unexpected turns), you'll finish feeling energised, clear and where appropriate, ready to take action.

Leadership Developmental Coaching

(Executive, Senior and Middle Managers)

Leadership Developmental Coaching deals with evolutionary change, therefore shifting the focus from outside to inside, and specifically to the areas of beliefs, understandings, decisions and other mental-emotional frames of mind that govern performance. Often people in management roles have been promoted through the ranks on the basis of their technical competence and expertise. However the excellent skills that have brought them to this point are quite different to the skills they need going forward as a leader.

The focus is first and foremost on developing the person, and as a result, the client not only changes what he or she does (performance), but who they are becoming developmentally as a modern and relevant leader in today's world.

Leadership Developmental Coaching is typically used to develop individuals in senior management positions who have not yet transitioned from manager to leader or to prepare existing managers for more senior positions within the company.

Performance Coaching

(Middle and Junior Managers)

This is the coaching that seeks most directly to take a person's skills to the next level in terms of quality and quantity of performance. It focuses on the individual's effectiveness in their current position. Frequently it involves coaching for specific competencies, such as team leadership, communication, conflict management, delegation, etc.

Performance Coaching focuses externally on what the individual does, and relates first and foremost to incremental changes achieved through modifying and learning new ways of thinking, behaviours, skills, and actions to achieve their results. It is generative in nature, and requires the client to practice being accountable for what occurs in their life.


Our proprietary software Quantifi© processes qualitative and quantitative data from coaching activities, to deliver ROI metrics across six integrated Key Result Areas at a level of precision previously not possible. The reports generated by Quantifi© enable your organization to clearly determine its return on its investment in coaching for its leaders. They are additionally useful for other Human Resources and Organisational Learning and Development evaluation and planning purposes.


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