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Change Agility

At the current churn rate, about half of S&P 500 companies will be replaced over the next ten years. Shrinking lifespans of companies on the list are in part driven by a complex combination of technology shifts and economic shocks, some of which are beyond the control of corporate leaders. But frequently, companies miss opportunities to adapt or take advantage of these changes through economic innovation…Viewed as a larger picture, S&P 500 turnover serves as a barometer for marketplace change.

Change Agility

Broad-based organisational change is a factor of life in many organisations today, as they adapt to the demands of the 21st Century world of business. The traditional approach to change is to implement change management but where change management is an event, Change-Agility is a way of being and a continuous process ...

As the rate of change grows increasingly faster, the importance of incorporating agility into everyday work life has never been greater.

Organisational capability to effectively deal with such an environment requires change-agile leaders and employees at all levels, throughout the business. Metaco's Change-Agility Immersion workshop is an effective way to galvanise this capability.

Why Change-Agility

  • Develop the ability to quickly and effectively focus on new challenges
  • Learn to rapidly implement and integrate new learning or behaviour
  • Enhance the likelihood that strategies will be fully implemented

From an organisational perspective, change-agility is defined as the ability to quickly and effectively focus on new challenges as they present themselves, rapidly implement and integrate new learning or practices, or even change direction resourcefully within a short space of time. Organizations that continually improve their change-agility enhance the likelihood that their strategies will be fully implemented and achieve their expected benefits and outcomes.

Creating change-agile businesses will eliminate the ongoing need for what we today call change management.

Paul Gibbons

On a personal level change-agility refers to an individual's ability to anticipate upcoming change or presenting challenges and adapt swiftly to the requirements of the situation. It represents a competency shift from only changing when required to, to the enabling of an environment that fosters personal agility.

Change-Agility is the ability to:

  • Anticipate and plan for change effectively
  • Reduced Silos & encourage cross organisational collaboration
  • Make decisions effectively and efficiently
  • Rapidly deploy new strategies, products or processes

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