Change Agility
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Change Agility

Organisational capability to continually adapt to ongoing, relentless change requires change-agile leaders and employees at all levels, across the business.

Change Agility

Change-agility is defined as the ability to effectively address new challenges as they present themselves, rapidly implement and integrate new learning or practices, and even to change an entire direction resourcefully within a short space of time. Organizations that continually improve their change-agility capability enhance the likelihood that their strategies will be fully implemented and achieve their expected benefits and outcomes.

On a personal level change-agility refers to an individual's ability to anticipate upcoming change or presenting challenges and adapt swiftly to the requirements of the situation . It represents a competency shift from only changing when required to, to the enabling of an environment that fosters personal agility.

Metaco's Change-Agility Action Learning Immersion is an effective way to galvanise this capability.

The first (2-day) workshop is focused on enabling personal change-agility competencies and will apply across all levels of employee. The programme is designed to explore and experience the various factors related to change-agility. These include resilience, developing a growth mindset, flexibility, emotional intelligence, cognitive biases, change adaptability, responsiveness, mindfulness and increasing capacity for uncertainty.

Our optional Leadership Edition also includes a module to assist leaders to support their teams in developing their own change-ability tactics, as well as relevant skills to engage with their broader stakeholder environment.

Workshop 1 will create opportunities for participants to:

  • Identify and create their own personalised strategies for dealing with change and setbacks (people process differently)
  • Practice developing their associated skills; and
  • Develop longer-term action plans to integrate their chosen strategies into their everyday lives

Workshop 2 (1-day) takes place one month later to assess the implementation and effectiveness of personal action plans that have been put in place, and identify any further support that might be required. It is designed to develop ongoing top-of-mind thinking and accountability for practice, thereby building sustainability.

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