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Creating a Coaching Culture

You will probably live longer than most big companies. A recent study by McKinsey found that the average lifespan of companies listed in the S&P 500 in 1958 was 61 years. Today, it is just 15 years. The survey points to organizational inertia and lack of long-term vision ... &
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Developing a coaching culture can result in higher employee engagement, improved communication, and increased innovation, as well as helping to attract, retain and develop top talent. In any organisational setting, relationships are critical. This becomes especially crucial in the interplay between boards and executive teams to ensure sustained organizational success and performance ...

Gallup in their State of the Global Workplace (2017) found that managers are a huge influence on engagement rates, accounting for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores across business units.

Many organisations believe that they are not deriving the full benefits of executive coaching (Peterson, 2010) due to lack of clarity of the purpose of coaching in the organisation, lack of focus on where coaching would be most beneficial, inconsistency in the quality of coaches, the absence of good contracting and lack of good evaluation outcomes.

A coaching culture exists in an organisation when a coaching approach is a key aspect of how leaders, managers and staff engage and develop all their people and engage their stakeholders, in ways that create increased individual, team and organisational performance and shared value for all stakeholders.

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There are a number of questions organisations should ask at a strategic level prior to implementing an internal coaching programme, including:

  • To be successful, what sort of organisational culture do we need and how is this linked to coaching culture?
  • How do we best utlise and target coaching to fast track our future talent and develop our key leaders?
  • How do we integrate our coaching strategy with our business strategy, our organisational development plans, our leadership strategy and our talent strategy to ensure maximum effectiveness?

Metaco's systemic focus is on enabling high-performing, networked teams and leaders which are aligned with the needs of their stakeholders at all levels and deliver significantly more than the sum of their parts.

As a coaching culture will look different in every organization, the approach will be co-created with you to complement the overall culture of your business, it's history, values, and strategies.

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