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Board / Exco Alignment

CEOs and boards face a fast-paced world. Prospering in today's rapidly moving business environment is more challenging than ever. Increased competition and increasingly demanding customer expectations require a strong service-based and customer-driven approach. Refining past practices to realise greater efficiencies no longer ensures organisational success and drastic change is required to meet today's need for quality and service. CEO and boards' strategic and tactical decisions must be weighed carefully, but it often doesn't feel like there is enough time to do so

Board / Exco

In any organisational setting, relationships are critical. This becomes especially crucial in the interplay between boards and executive teams to ensure sustained organizational success and performance

Additionally, it's easy for boards to get lost in the administrative task of checking governance boxes but the trust strength of the board lies in empowering the executive and impacting culture of the organisation for sustained success.

Whilst a great deal of effort has been devoted to making boards of directors more effective, the continuing cases of board failure put their efficacy in doubt. That is because all the reforms are aimed at ritualising governance and not at addressing the core issue – board behaviour. (N.Mirza, Bloombergquint)

For this reason alignment between the board, the CEO, and the executive team on the strategic direction is an essential element of success. Metaco works with boards and executive teams to:

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Develop Team leadership
  • Agree behavioural expectations between CEO and Chair
  • Connect strategic direction and operational tactics

Metaco's systemic focus is on enabling high-performing, networked teams and leaders which are aligned with the needs of their stakeholders and deliver significantly more than the sum of their parts. Coaching is both contextual and systemic meaning that the change takes place within the context of the work resulting in positive effect in the wider system I.e. all stakeholders.

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