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Yesterday's leadership paradigms are extinct. Today's world requires the leadership teams at the top of your organisation to raise their collective capacity to unite behind a common purpose, build strong stakeholder relationships, and perform consistently beyond the sum of their parts.

A globally connected consultancy, Metaco is the recognised leader in Systemic Leadership Team solutions in Africa with a strong track record for delivering transformational results across a range of industries and contexts.

Through our specialised training and over 30,000 hours of experience, we've learnt what works and what doesn't. You'll appreciate our open-minded approach and our willingness to listen, observe and share perspectives, as together we consider the best ways for maximising value across your entire network.


Simplifying complexity to create your future fit strategy with an achievable roadmap for execution and the requisite organizational culture to achieve it ...


Developing the requisite leadership and organizational culture to enable future-fit, interconnected agility, and the achievement of strategic outcomes ...


Teaching new skills to empower external and internal coaches and consultants to maintain their relevance, through internationally accredited programmes and supervision ...

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