Strategy Execution
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Strategy Execution

Strategy Execution is the next planning step, once the Strategy Design is completed and clear Organisational Deliverables are established. Strategy Design and Strategy Execution are often combined when, in reality, they are very different.

Strategy Execution

Strategy Design is the 'what', and this relates to the purpose, mission and relevance of the entire organisation. Strategy Execution is the 'how' or the 'doing', and this is the roadmap for achieving the Strategy.

The big questions are likely to be "how specifically will we achieve this?" and "who do we need to involve?".

Traditionally the various divisions (or silos) in the organization would have their own set of targets and deliverables determined for them, for which they are accountable. This is where things start to go awry - buy-in may not be absolute, and the targets of one division can conflict with those of another. As individual targets and siloed goals will usually be pursued at the expense of other parts of the system - the success of the wider organization is compromised. The fact is that business today is so interconnected that unless the various parts of the business can work as a network of cooperative teams in service of their shared purpose, it is unlikely that the Strategy will be achieved.

Determining how the Strategy will be executed requires the active input and buy-in of the entire senior leadership team, putting the purpose of the company ahead of individual departmental agendas.

Our Strategy Execution process will help your leadership team identify enablers and inhibitors to the success of the Strategy and identify areas for systemic enhancement or change. At a macro level, it provides a dynamic roadmap for collectively achieving the organizational Strategy, with clear roles, commitment to action and accountability for results. Drilling down, in turn each department has a clear framework within which to determine their own objectives and goals for how and where they can add and co-create the greatest value.

Along the way relationships are enhanced with peers and employees, as well as with customers and other important stakeholders, providing the ideal platform for innovation to thrive.

A Strategy that is clearly defined and understood by the entire organization, together with a comprehensive Execution Map providing principles and navigation to achieve it, gives your company the best chance of success in a way that is ethical and congruent with its values.

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