Strategy Design
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Strategy Design

All organisations need to learn faster than their ecosystem is changing, and for most organisations today, that requires hyper-velocity. Like most other parts of business, yesterday's strategizing processes are not adequate for the world of today, and certainly not fit for purpose a few years into the future.

Disruptive Strategy

No longer is it sufficient for the board and top team to produce annual five-year plans derived by assembling internal targets from internal teams and functions with input from senior analysts and the Head of Strategy and some formalized debate. This industrial age approach now results in a disconnect between the top and the rest of the business, different interpretations of the strategic plan, and a distinct chance that many aspects never reach the execution stage.

New technologies & the rise of Big Data; sustainability, stewardship & shareholder activism; stakeholder & societal issues; political, geo-political & economic uncertainty combine to create an ever-shifting landscape.

As the world of interconnected systems and ecosystems progresses, we will see impressive success stories and also spectacular failures in business. In this time of exponential change and constant disruption business has to consciously embrace the future and let go of the past.

As your partners in strategic thinking and design we'll help you move from that old traditional planning mentality to a new approach using dynamic adaptive strategizing processes that:

  • Tap into the collective intelligence co-creating a consciousness shared by the whole system - enabling a better understanding of the core purpose of the organisation, how each part contributes and adds value, and what they need to do to achieve their key results;
  • Create dialogue horizontally across the organization and its wider ecosystem, not just up and down the vertical silos of hierarchical leadership structures, to identify risk and the adaptive and technical challenges impacting change;
  • Think the unthinkable and overcome their blind spots by having their core assumptions questioned. More crucial than ever in the digital age, leaders need to step out of habituated ways of thinking and relating and generate new learning outside of their current mindsets;
  • Engage in future-back and outside-in thinking, rather than just growing yesterday's success. Starting from the core purpose, be clear about who the organisation exists to serve and what they need this year, and ahead into the future;
  • Connect different timeframes and perspectives, linking the anticipation of future trends with improving today and innovating for tomorrow;
  • Engage peoples' heads and hearts, with a strategic narrative that aligns their objectives with purpose and value creation for stakeholders, and tapping into everyone's passion;
  • Involve everyone in contributing to the creation of the strategy in ways that will increase ownership and fast execution of what emerges.

The result: a modern-day Strategic Plan that is relevant and purpose-driven, implementable within specified timeframes, supported across the business at all levels and also by your customers and other external stakeholders, and that enables the delivery of value across the entire ecosystem of your company.

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