Culture Optimisation
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Culture Optimisation

You can have the best strategic plan in the world, but if your culture is not aligned, your company is guaranteed to fall short of its true potential.

Culture Change

All organisations have the ability to be significantly greater than the sum of their members' intelligence and talent - sadly many are still stuck in the trap of old habits and how things have always been done.

Salim Ismail, author of the internationally best-selling book 'Exponential Organizations' considers establishing the culture to be "perhaps the most critical step in" building an Exponential Organisation which will lead its field in tomorrow's world - "for culture is the company's greatest intangible asset."

Conversely, culture is becoming an increasing liability for companies that don't attend to it. New levels of scrutiny from investors and regulators, and increased activism through social and mainstream media, means boards and CEOs are now openly held accountable when governance and ethical standards are breached.

Now, more than ever, companies need to build and maintain cultures that consistently embody their stated purpose and values and can sustainably withstand today's volatile business environment.

Culture is amorphous; it does not reside in any person or group of people, and there are no direct levers for shifting it in one direction or another. Culture is a complex entity in itself, and it is unlikely that HR, the leadership team, or any other internal part of the business tasked with changing the culture of the organisation can achieve this successfully on their own.

As an experienced external partner working alongside you, we will ask the questions you don't think to ask (or prefer not to), notice the overt behaviours and hidden beliefs that sabotage strategic outcomes, and highlight observations that cannot be seen from inside. What we crucially need from you is the will of your senior leadership team to transform themselves, and sanction for the change by the board.

It is possible to change a culture relatively quickly, and our deep expertise in behavioural change with carefully planned and co-created processes for implementing systemic transformation, will help you achieve the necessary organisational culture to support your strategic success into the future.

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