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Metaco Consulting

Metaco is a boutique consultancy focused on the areas of Strategic Leadership, Organisational Development, Systemic Leadership Team Coaching and Individual Executive Coaching.

The quality and experience of the consultants you select to partner with your organization in scoping, implementing and managing leadership development programs are crucial to its success and return on investment. In the same way that you invest significant effort into recruiting top leadership for your company, equal attention should go into selecting partners to work with them. This is a complex exercise, yet worth the effort to ensure your organization receives the maximum return on its investment in its leadership.

Metaco partners with you in co-creating the strategy and solutions, combining our knowledge, experience, skill and talents, for the most effective outcomes. Engaging key stakeholders in shaping the strategy helps ensure it is developed in a realistic and relevant way, with spending targeted where the return to the organisation is high. Clarity of approach and accountability is combined with appropriate flexibility for situational adaptation.

Our expertise in systemic thinking means we pay attention to the relationships between the parts of your system, and the nested systems that exist in your organisation. At an even higher level, through ecosystemic thinking we consider the impact of your organizational system on external systems. This advanced level skill is rarely found anywhere in the world, yet this is the crucial element enabling the ability to thrive in today's VUCA world.

Metaco has extensive experience in partnering with leading private and public sector organizations and with leaders and leadership teams across a wide cross-section of roles, in diverse industries locally and internationally.

You are entrusting the development of your senior leadership to an experienced, knowledgeable and highly skilled consultancy, with a track record for enabling truly visionary leadership teams that plan strategically, communicate effectively with their stakeholders and build the productive culture and relationships that will support the success of your business in the 21st century.

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